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Search Engine Optimization

Having a great website is a step in the right direction. The next step is to build traffic to your website.

Web Design

Your website is the first impression customers see of your company. Your potential customers like all Internet surfers have pretty short attentions spans.

Why Simple?

Because we will do our best to help you do well on the Internet so that you would be happy with our performance/service and as a result, will ...


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After your visit, there is a possibility that we could enter into a professional relationship as a Malaysia SEO Consultant with you. And for a relationship to be mutually successful, it has to be grounded on straight talk and honest dealing. If you share the same sentiment, then you have come to the right place.

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That's the benefit of your website ranking high in the search engines because you stand a high chance of being seen and clicked on. The same can happen for you when you engage our search engine optimization (SEO) services.

We thank you for your visit. As you walk through our web pages, you will notice that the topic of search engine optimization (SEO) or Internet Search Marketing are discussed in a straightforward manner, devoid of the usual "technical jargons" you would find elsewhere.

Countless companies and freelancers would have proffered you with all sorts of confusing SEO packages at different price points. And not to mention the bad experiences with other Malaysia SEO services companies.. So how to choose a Malaysia SEO Company or Malaysia SEO consultant who would do decent work at decent prices?

As in any business, there are SEO players who do good honest work but there are also those who would exploit your lack of savvy. We just came across a case of a totally unsavvy client who hardly knows how to use a computer, was recommended an expensive CMS website and then had to pay a ransom for maintenance. When we arrived at the scene, she asked us, what is CMS? Sounds familiar?

A common grouse in our field is that customers have unrealistic expectations with Malaysa Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program. Some truth here, but who is enabling this unrealistic mindset?

The onus is on us, as a Malaysia Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provider, to explain and educate our customers in honest fashion. Yes, the Internet presents all sorts of possibilities but there are no shortcuts. You the client, and us, the SEO service provider must work in pro-active tandem.

Most web designers confine their focus on designing "the nicest" website but the textual contents are often overlooked or poorly done. Most web design companies in Malaysia do not have the requisite skill in copy writing to add value to you. Clients are also not trained in the field of copywriting. So you end up with a "beauty with no substance" website. That is SEO suicide. Read more on this topic.

SEO companies will arouse your interest by dangling the promise of high rankings in front of you. But are they ranking you with the right keywords? SEO guys are savvy. The right keywords mean requiring more skills and lots of extra work to do etc. So why would they put in the extra effort that required a longer time etc when they can look like heroes to you with the easy ones?

Good SEO rankings may not mean good ranking with the right keywords. No point placing high when searchers hardly search with those keywords.

By the time you reached this part of your reading, you would have surmised that we are refreshingly different from other SEO companies in Malaysia. We talk straight and lay bare everything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before you. And if some of the illustrated examples and case studies are familiar to you, then you have finally come to the right place and hopefully would emerge better informed.

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