Google and Mozilla, What Exactly is Going On?

One cannot simply miss the headlines from Search Engine Land – “Google is Practically Begging Firefox Users To Switch Their Default Search Engine”. The whole thing started with the latest notice for Mozilla Users by Google. If you are a frequent Mozilla User, you might have came across this message some time in recent weeks, just like the picture below:


Yes you seen it right, That looks nothing like an ad box, alert or any sort of request, but a new BIG message on top of search results to in fact instruct users to set their default search engine to Google. The good thing is you can actually click on the latter button “No Thanks” and voila it never comes back again.

Since November 2014, Mozilla has decided to drop Google and picked Yahoo up as their default partner. One might argue to the fact Yahoo captures only 16% of the total market, third to Google and Bing, but that is still a pretty substantial amount of revenue, I’m sorry users. Yes users, double confirmed.

It makes total sense for Google to try hijack, or to recover all losses since November last year on Mozilla. Let’s see what sort of deal these parties can work out, and as usual we keep you guys updated.

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