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RED Label for slow loading websites in Google SERP [BETA]

Start working on your website to get things load quick. Why? Because Google is now testing a red label in their search results to indicate slow loading websites. Ever since year 2010, loading speed is taken into the algorithm account as a main criteria in ranking websites.

According to representatives from Google, they are currently in experimental phase, while this feature will be tested only on the mobile platform. From experience, their experiments will quickly roll over to desktops in no time. This could be a crucial window time for any websites out there with huge animations.

Here is a screenshot on how it actually looks like (at least for now):



Page load time is crucial because it contributes to the entire browsing experience, ultimately affecting your online conversions. Here are some guidelines we think as amazing pieces of information to share:

Google’s Insights about Page Speed

How to Improve Your Speed Site Load Time

We personally think that this is a pretty neat feature. Let us know what you think?

As Always we keep you folks updated whenever possible.

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