5 Conversions Technique in 2016

In the last couple of years, conversion optimization among SEO practices is no doubt the most highly prioritized metric for web masters. After all, all marketing effort should lead to REVENUE. However, more and more practitioners are beginning to realize that focusing only on particular details you are strong at is very limiting to good ranking, ultimately a good conversion rate. That is why more and more marketing experts are preaching about offering a comfortable web browsing experience for customers. Nothing new, but people are starting to grind upon the concept.

We are not here to share the technicalities, benchmarks, data and bore you with numbers. In fact, we are going to point you to the obvious, but often neglected web practices. What you will find below is five of the more important optimization techniques that could be applied generally across all business, regardless of industries.

1.Optimize Across All Touch points.

Imagine touch points as your vital marketing channels between your business and your customers. They visit your website, they read your email newsletters, they meet you in exhibition, they receive your latest promotional prompts… You have to make an effort to keep these consistent across all platforms, and keep to your promises. Align your messages and keep them realistic for your customers, and for yourself.

2. Start Looking into data, and make use of them. 

As online marketers ourselves, we could generate pages upon pages of data for clients. However, these numbers mean nothing to us. You as your business owner, can only make the best out of these numbers, graphs and charts. Make decisions from your data.

3. Don’t rely on one landing page.

You don’t just sell one product, so why attract customers to one single point of interaction. Different customers will have different persuasion points, offer your products to different segments. Or maybe, you are serving a multi cultural customer base, and the proper thing to do is to lead them to different landing pages of their language and messaging.

4. Keep Your Contact Us Form Simple

We are still living in a rather sensitive digital age. Not all individuals are comfortable with information sharing. If you operate on any kind of online business, you will need to collect some form of data to make contacts with potential clients. The best thing you could do is to keep your forms short and simple. Really all you need is just simple contact details, dont complicate your customers.

5. Reduce Distractions

Don’t try to sell everything in one page, or don’t try to bombard customers with discount pop ups and emails, or don’t try to push tons & tons of product demos, case studies… These are distractions. Most businesses do this, thinking that the more information the more convincing your website is. The fact is, the more distractions you offer, the easier your visitors turn back.






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