9 Signs You Need Help for Your Google AdWords Campaign

Like it or not, PPC plays an integral part in any form, or in any industry that gets involved in online marketing. This post is specially aimed to those who are not generating enough returns over their investments on PPC. The biggest advantage of Google AdWords PPC is the automation. Simple, set ut, turn the auto pilot switch on, and let the show begins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, else we as agencies will be disposed ages ago.

We are blessed to be able to work with a diverse client portfolio That said, we deal with plenty of intelligent business savvy owners running their shops successfully. Yet, most of them are unable to get the best out of Google AdWords, and finally resorts into placing us agencies into the picture. The biggest problem is, they have too many things to be involved with, they simply have no time to identify the signs and warnings, of which indicates what might have gone wrong with their AdWords setup. Point is, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you too fall into such category, we understand you have bigger things to handle. So, we concise things for you, and here are the top 9 signs that your PPC campaign needs help.

1. Organization. Your PPC Account is in A Mess. 

Many doesn’t realize for one simple reason, no comparison and guideline. You run your one and only account, and you think everything is alright as long as it doesn’t breakdown. We often get a shock in taking over some PPC accounts, and to tackle a messy account can be painful to the brain. Here are things that you can do to help.

Concise your Ad Groups, and KEYWORDS. Unless you are running IKEA or TESCO, you don’t need a huge load of keywords. The misconception where more keywords target a wider audience is a wrong approach. The biggest armory in AdWords is their amazing data collection, which you can narrow down your targeting to audience that matters. And the excessive keywords will generate useless traffics.

2. You have to Build one AdWords account from scratch, and you have no idea how to do it.

With zero knowledge we know its tough to build one from scratch. You will first have to understand the CTR, CPC, Ad Rank and all to have a better gripe, and fine tune it to your industry standards, not easy. Creating an entirely new AdWords account requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail, not to mention a strategy for structuring, and unfortunately there’s no one right way to structure an account since each industry and company is unique. To make things work according to your plans, much difficulties.

3. Your CTR is LOW.

To keep things simple, an average CTR should fall between a good 2% – 4%, anything lower is considered bad. There are many ways to improve your CTR, which includes increasing bid prices or to improve quality score by different means. The idea is to improve your ad positions, visibility, and ultimately quality traffics and sales.

4. You are in charge of EVERYTHING Digital.

You can easily lose your ways, when you have to deal hands on with social media, SEO, content marketing, AdWords, Display Network, Facebook Ads, Instagram accounts and whatever. All of them are different from one another, and their metrics point to different conclusions. All your monies spent will be completely wasted.

5. Quality Score is LOW

We assume that you already have general knowledge on quality score and ad ranks. On a scale of 1 to 10, the bare minimum you should be achieving is 6. Like it or not, AdWords is an extremely competitive field to lay legs onto. You have to beat the best to survive, or else you end up throwing investments into waste dumps. There are plenty of methods to improve quality scores, go through them, study what can be implemented to your campaign and you might get back on track, again.

6. Spending too much without actual CONVERSIONS

We have lost count on how many advertisers neglect conversion tracking in their PPC campaign, resulting in close to zero revenue. This is a major issue that needs to be tackled, but most of the time further neglected with convenient excuses. Many even quits AdWords under the impression where Google AdWords don’t work for their business. We guarantee that’s not true. Bring it to us, we do our investigation works to address the unseen problems.

7. Bids. Not knowing WHEN and HOW to bid

PPC is calculated based on real time bidding. Mastering the bidding strategy makes things much easier for you. However, the tricky part is, what works for you this week might not work for you the next week. Understand that the PPC paradigm changes all the time, according to trends, competitions etc. Our advise is to set a realistic budget for your campaign, and stay away from impulsive bidding. There will always be bigger firms with more monies.

8. Staying put with what works

Google is always trying to innovate their assets, and tries to integrate into their money making advertising model. As cliche as it sounds, some newly introduced features are definitely worth trying. As a matter of fact, early adopters can easily take advantage over the others, who are afraid to try new things.

9. Google Suggestions, Google Suggestions and Google Suggestions…

They can be great helpers, but they should not be your sole source of keyword suggestions. Come on, you know your business and demographics better than Google, right? These suggestion tools run on an automated algorithm, based on search volumes and bids. While they are extremely helpful, some data simply could not be interpreted for real world usages. All I’m suggesting is, don’t use them excessively, after all they are just assistants, not decision makers.

If majority of the pointers fits your bill, unfortunately, YES you need help. Call us, Email us and we ensure to only provide you with the best support we can offer.



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