Google Ad Site Links Comes with Images?!

Google has been trying out the image site link extension for some time now, rumors come and go. Since 2013, we have seen them taken flight in different forms, but nothing absolute. A close competitor Bing, has in fact took the advantage by introducin…  Continue

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Google Trend Refreshes! New Features Ahead!

Google Trend is now filled with Olympic related searches, one of a very few events that could bring the world together. Hence, we will take these as examples to portray some new features Google Trend has brought to the table. According to a Google…  Continue

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New Google AdWords Interface looks Promising

Google has announced since March 2016, that they will bring a fresh interface to Google AdWords dashboard. That did not happen after waves of waiting, and is finally happening now. It is reported that there are Google users starting to see the UI whe…  Continue

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Malaysian YouTube Analytics Released; YouTube Preferred Over TV

We visit YouTube at least once per day. Agree? Well according to statistics one of the most visited websites among Malaysians is YouTube. However, whats interesting is the research done by the collaboration between TNS Research and Google Malaysia, o…  Continue

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5 Conversions Technique in 2016

In the last couple of years, conversion optimization among SEO practices is no doubt the most highly prioritized metric for web masters. After all, all marketing effort should lead to REVENUE…  Continue

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Google and Yahoo is actually working on a partnership!

Seems that Yahoo and Google has made an agreement, to display Google Search Result on Yahoo's search engine. Confused? When you search on Yahoo in the future, you will be fed with Google Search Result, and Google ads. The deal started early October, …  Continue

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Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

The website tells a lot, in fact everything about your business. Before that happens, your website must first have visibility. The best place to go? Google. As a business owner thinking of building, or revamping your website, you might wonder what ma…  Continue

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9 Signs You Need Help for Your Google AdWords Campaign

Like it or not, PPC plays an integral part in any form, or in any industry that gets involved in online marketing. This post is specially aimed to those who are not generating enough returns over their investments on PPC. The biggest advantage of Goo…  Continue

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Google Panda 4.2


How Does Google’s Panda 4.2 Affect Your Website SEO?

A few weeks back, Google began rolling out the latest update to their Panda search engine algorithm. As with every algorithm change Google makes, marketers and company leaders are anxious to understand how their websites will be impacted. Well accord…  Continue

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google logo


Google, Evolved.

Google refined their logo earlier today, speculated to get ready in joining the array of Alphabet. In short, it's a colorful combination of Sans Serif fonts, that modernizes the company in new era. The revised design unveiled earlier features the ico…  Continue

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