Google Ad Site Links Comes with Images?!

Google has been trying out the image site link extension for some time now, rumors come and go. Since 2013, we have seen them taken flight in different forms, but nothing absolute. A close competitor Bing, has in fact took the advantage by introducing their own image extension a year ago. Google couldn’t wait no more, and this time it’s in a type of sitelink.

Google is testing images in sitelinks.

Google Image Site Link Extensions

This is a clear screenshot of what it would look like, a mobile google adwords advertisement that includes a carousel component with accompanying images. Although this is a mobile rendition, but we see no reasons for desktop ads to not have them. This could be a brand new extension system that catches more eye balls, smart Google, smart.

For all we know at this stage, Google plans to call them “Visual Sitelinks”. We should see a global roll out in no time and see how advertisers and market responds.

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