Google and Yahoo is actually working on a partnership!

Seems that Yahoo and Google has made an agreement, to display Google Search Result on Yahoo’s search engine. Confused? When you search on Yahoo in the future, you will be fed with Google Search Result, and Google ads. The deal started early October, where we will see proceeding roll outs to other countries starting from the states themselves. The deal will last until the end of 2018. We have never thought that the once largest search engine would succumb to the forces of Google. The deal will include algorithmic searches, image searches as well as their home brewed money cow – Ads. However, Yahoo is given the ability to choose which search queries are going to be sent to Google. That said, you are still going to get different search results depending what you are searching for. Earlier this year there were voices of objections of the struggling company’s trials with Google’s ad services in the inclusion of the deal, but its now well ironed out. Yahoo is now in the middle of partnerships with Google and Microsoft, so they are not expected to send any minimum requirements of queries to get the deal sail.

Yahoo made their stand clear that this deal will not compromise the Microsoft partnership in regards to the Bing search services. This puts Yahoo in a flexible position, where they can choose among suppliers of search results and ads. If anything should turn sour, Yahoo can break the deal with Microsoft with a four month notice. We are pretty curious how this could work out for Yahoo, guess we might be going back to the nostalgic Yahoo search on a casual basis, just for research purpose though.


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