google logo

Google, Evolved.

Google refined their logo earlier today, speculated to get ready in joining the array of Alphabet. In short, it’s a colorful combination of Sans Serif fonts, that modernizes the company in new era. The revised design unveiled earlier features the iconic mix of blue, red, yellow and green that has earned it’s reputation for a good 17 years, and counting. The major difference here is, the hue is much lighter, more material-ish? They are also pushing a new type face, called “Product-Sans” which is dedicated to resemble simple printing in grade-school book.

Google has a long string of history in tweaking their logo, latest dated back in year 2013. We have seen some unfortunate experiments that went hay wired in the design department, luckily the latest overhaul doesn’t fall into that category. Anyway, here is a video link to Google’s evolution. Enjoy!




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