Google Indexes only 3.4% of all Tweets

Many businesses, local SME in particular focus all money, time and effort in building a successful social media marketing effort, hopefully a sustainable one. Reason is simple. You literally spend nothing to build a targeted audience on social media, and if you have extra bucks you can always spend on their ever so affordable ads. However, how effective are these marketing feats?

It wasn’t since the beginning of time, the social platform was not matured until not long ago. Remember earlier this year, when Google finally decided to include real time tweets in their SERP? Many marketing tweeters were hyped by the news. Now, it’s almost 6 months, and lets have a look on what and how Google and Twitter’s joined effort worked out.

Well, you probably have guessed it right by the literal post title by now, only 3.4% of tweets are indexed, which means by simple subtraction, 96% of the tweets are not indexed by Google. Good for you if you play the minority, but the fact remains, majority of the tweets are not gaining the exposure they have expected back then.

Prior to the Google-Twitter partnership, only 0.6% of tweets are being indexed by Google. SO statistically the percentage has quadruple fold since the partnership, still impressive though. There are many underlying explanations to this phenomenon, some hold their trust saying many things still need to be ironed out, they are still in the developmental phase and what not.

We honestly think that the partnership wont go far, but we are more than welcomed to have you peeps out there prove us wrong. Let us know what you think?

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