Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

The website tells a lot, in fact everything about your business. Before that happens, your website must first have visibility. The best place to go? Google. As a business owner thinking of building, or revamping your website, you might wonder what makes it SEO friendly. In simpler terms, why are some websites always appearing on Google search result pages. We spare you the technicalities, and present 4 most important make or break factors.

1. It has to be responsive

Responsive means to appear on different screen sizes, effectively. Why? Because the mobile browsing experience is improving exponentially, and people are now glancing websites through their smartphones of different sizes. If you wish to rank organically on mobile searches, you first must have a mobile friendly web interface. Unlike the old days, responsive web design saves you the hassle in creating multiple renders for different screen sizes. Your website can now adapt accordingly, which they normally would appear on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

2. Include more Texts, not just Images

Search engine crawls onto different media, but one things that never changes is text has always been the best option for search optimization. This is where content marketing kicks in. You need to let Google know what your business is all about, what are you selling etc. Best of all, you should be aiming to incorporate texts in every web page. The biggest mistake we encounter often is that many webmasters love to render important information in pictorial form. Definitely a no go.

3. Optimizing Images

Websites will have images, no 2 ways around it. When you use images, you must also optimize them to have better search presence. This not only allows you to optimize the page with strong keyword phrases, but also gives your image a chance to appear in Google Images.

4. Navigation Structure                                       online casino malaysia

Many neglects this area. Come to think about it, it’s pretty straight forward, even right out from the webmaster guidelines it says: Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link. Plan your website properly before jumping into designs. Site links, categories, drop downs, footer links etc etc should be taken account into.

Conclusion is, SEO friendly websites are not just about ranking in search engines. It is a collective effort in making your website a better place to browse, stay and ultimately buy products from. Be sure to look at the various ways you can update your business website in order to make it friendly for everyone, search engines and visitors alike.

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