Google Display Network Marketing

Again our job here is to exploit the internet with Google Adwords. Google has extended their advertisement network marketing into display formats that can appear in relevant websites, forums, YouTube channel, social media platforms, mobile applications etc. We call it the “Subliminal Marketing”. Web browsers might not have the intention to purchase when they see your ads around the web, but the repetitive ad appearance plants the idea unconsciously that “look for us when you need the service”. At simple we do our best to exploit the internet in leveraging your branding efforts and exposure. We don’t just manage your ads, we make them work.

Especially prominent among Asians, sadly yet true we hardly read. Although we stand strong where contents play a crucial part in SEO ranking and website page rank, all these would not contribute unless internet users actually read. We rather resort to YouTube videos for information, spend time on mobile applications and games. Therefore we have to be flexible in making strategic changes to fit into the trend, hence Google Display Network. We study search behaviors for a living, leave it to us and we make the best out of your brand on the internet. Best of all, we have in house designers responsible for your ad banners across different platforms.


Get Seen Everywhere – Google AdWords Remarketing

Google AdWords Remarketing takes advantage of Google Display Network even further. Remarketing in Google AdWords consists of static image, animated image, video and text ads that are placed on the Google Display Network. What is different, it plants cookies in browsers of people visiting your website. Then, it feeds the ads specifically on their display network. These people are more likely to perform a conversion (let it be an enquiry or a purchase) than those who have not been into your website.

The catch is this, remarketing allows a focused, targeted audience that shows substantial interest to the products and services you offer; thus higher chance of converting them. There are a variety of strategies in targeting the correct audience to optimize your remarketing campaigns. We delve into the details and make sure your campaign performs.

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