Overview – Google Search Network

We believe that a well planned pay-per-click/Adwords campaign can help increase brand awareness and business opportunities over the internet. Whenever you search for keywords on the internet, there will always be natural/organic results and paid listings. Notice the boxes of results located either on top or towards the right hand side of the natural results? Yes those are paid results from Google Search Network.

The search network includes Google Search, Images, Shopping, Maps and Groups. Your ad will display whenever a match of keywords is found. This might look and sound easy but the fact is not. Again, we see Adwords as “a minute to learn; a lifetime to master”. Bidding for the absolute correct keyword is crucial across the campaign. We want the keywords you bid and the ads that appear hit the right audience. The last thing we want to do is to waste your money in non-performing keywords and unnecessary click through.

Well we just have to make this clear, if any PPC companies advise to bid high to appear up top STOP listening to them. Google has cleaned up their PPC algorithm in a way where PPC rankings are now filtered by Quality Score. Don’t get us wrong. Bidding price remains a significant factor but the relevancy of your advertisement and your web content is equally important. And that is why we can achieve better rankings with lower biddings through the practice. After all we are here for the ROI.

There are many aspects that make up a successful Google Adwords campaign; also they vary between keywords and businesses. All we can say is, no 2 campaigns are similar. We suggest you listen from different agencies and see what they can do for you. Then you can probably call us in and we ensure a focused, tailored plan that fits your business objectives and budget.
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