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Nobody knows your business better. We can pull of an extraordinary social media campaign on your behalf. We often make sure business owners work hand in hand with us to and yield stellar results. Business owners are in a better position to handle frequency of updates and shape their contents suitable for their social media programs efficiently. Business owners should always leverage the power of social media marketing to engage and communicate with their audience. Of course without experience or guidance, this journey is challenging and daunting to say the least.

Here are some tips that might help you kick start your very own social media campaign:


The Law of Listening

In any successful communication, the ability to listen is a major contributor towards its success. It is imperative that you strive to interact, invite and take in feedback and reviews from your social media platforms. By doing so it helps you better understand your audience and their expectations so you can plan your social media marketing strategies ahead.


The Law of Focus

There is no "one glove fits all" strategy where social media is concerned. Instead of trying to please everybody or make broad marketing strategies, stick to one instead. It is always better to specialize. The ultimate goal here is to build a strong brand name with focused social media and contents.


The Law of Quality

The common assumption and as is often widely preached by Internet marketing consultants out there is to make daily updates on your social media platforms. However, if you bombard your audience with uninteresting, mundane or ho-hum contents, this strategy would hurt more than help. It is a classic case of more isn't necessarily better. Instead, social media effectiveness hinges on the quality , freshness and uniqueness of your contents that would likely pique the interest of your audience. We would rather have 1,000 shares (viral effect) than 10,000 cursory gleaning of your contents that no one remembers thereafter.


The Law of Patience

Patience is key. Social media success does not happen overnight. Don't expect miracles to happen after a week of good contents sharing. Remember social media marketing is an exponential effort. You might need to commit to it long enough to realize and achieve desired results.


The Law of Compounding

Sharing is caring, and that is your followers to do. Quality contents often trigger sharing among likeminded social circles. The law of compounding is dependent on the quality of your contents and websites to go viral on social media.


The Law of Influence

Engage online with people whom you think are important for your business. These could be people who are interested in buying from you, engaging your service, know more about your products or service, or manufacturers who wish to do business with you. Collectively, their interaction with you would provide a wealth of information and authoritative feedback.


The Law of Value

Don't just focus on promoting your products and services 24/7 on your platforms. Just as importantly, think of creating value add contents that distinguishes you from your competitors. Engage your customers consistently to develop long lasting relationships. In time, these will be your channel of word-of-mouth advertising for your business.


The Law of Acknowledgement

Always bear in mind every person that is online might be your possible customer in the future. Start acknowledging every one of them; it will play an important role towards your social media success. So, always remember to acknowledge every person who reaches out to you.


The Law of Accessibility

Don't publish contents for the sake of exposure. Participate in the comment sections and be available when there are queries and conversations. Followers have the luxury in choosing different sources and they will not hesitate to replace you.


The Law of Reciprocity

Don't expect people to follow your page and feeds as if they have the responsibility to do so. Never take followers for granted. Do the same thing and follow their feeds if you think they will be a good source for you in the future.

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