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Adopting proper SEO practices to achieve good rankings in the search engines has always been an important metric for web masters. But just as importantly, conversions that eventually lead to revenue has become a high priority too. Your website may rank high but conversion to sales remained elusive. Why? Many webmasters often overlook the importance of providing a good browsing experience that would undoubtedly motivate a website visitor to browse longer.

There are tons of data, benchmarks and technicalities that address the matter of conversion. For brevity and easy reference, we are going to discuss five critical SEO techniques that must be taken into account in order to engender better rates off conversion.


1. Optimize Across All Touch points.

Imagine touch points as your vital marketing channels between your business and your customers. They visit your website, they read your email newsletters, imbibed information about your products and services, they receive your latest promotional prompts. You have to make an effort to keep these touch points presented as key messages in your website. Be consistent and update your information as frequently as needed be.


2. Start Looking into data, and make use of them. 

Get into the habit of pulling data from available analytics pertaining to your website traffic. The data would tell you a lot about your visitors’ browsing patterns, length of stay, which web pages have most impact, your website bounce rate and a whole slew of useful information that would help you tweak your website for better visitor reception.


3. Don’t rely on one landing page.

You don’t just sell one product, so why restrict your potential customers to one single point of interaction. Different customers would have different persuasion points, offer your products to different segments. Or maybe, you are serving a multi-cultural customer base, and the proper thing to do is to lead them to different landing pages of their language and messaging.


4. Keep Your Contact Us Form Simple.

Not all individuals are comfortable with giving out their information. However, if you operate an online business, you will need to collect some form of data to make contact with potential clients. We find that short and simple forms do best in encouraging call to action. All you really need is simple contact details. Don’t complicate or put off your customers with 20 questions.

5. Reduce Distractions

Don’t try to sell everything in one page. And refrain from bombarding your customers with an overkill of discount pop ups, special promos and videos, case studies and demos. These distract more than help. Most businesses do this, thinking that they convince better with a deluge of information crowding out a page. Stay simple and stay on point.

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