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Like it or not, Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising plays an integral part of a business’ overall online communications and marketing. This article is specially aimed at those who are not generating enough returns on their investments on PPC. Google AdWords PPC is touted as a simple, automated, easy setup and run advertising model for advertisers. But the reality yields a different truth. Business owners, especially the smaller ones, do not have the bandwidth to learn the vagaries of how PPC works, in-depth implementation and monitoring of their PPC campaigns. That is why, professional PPC agencies and consultants like us still have an active role to help you get the best performance to investment ratio for your business.

To embark on and get the best out of a successful Google Ads campaign, these are the nine critical areas a professional Google Ads agency like us would work on:

Organization Of Your PPC Account


Right way, we would review and analyze your keywords. Very frequently, we find that there are just too many keywords in play. Unless, you are IKEA or some huge hardware chain of stores, you really don't need an excess load of keywords. More keywords do not necessarily mean you would net a wider audience. It would only serve to deplete your budget quicker without any corresponding benefit. Also, ambiguous keywords attract the wrong target which is something that must be avoided. You would end up with traffic that are useless to you. Instead you want to scrupulously identify your audience and then only arrive at the appropriate keywords.

Getting Start


You will first have to understand and be familiar with the various terminologies that go into a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. You will have to know what his CTR (click through rate), CPC (cost per click), Ad Rank etc. Collectively these have an impact on your PPC campaign and needless to say on your budget too. These also would have differing impacts on your PPC campaigns depending on the type of industry and keywords competitiveness. In essence, although the initial setup is pretty basic but the nuances that are critical to the structure of your PPC account/campaign are unique to each industry and business.

Your CTR is LOW


The conventionally accepted click through rate (CTR) for a given PPC campaign should averaged somewhere between 2% to 4%. Anything lower is a fail. There are proven ways to improve CTR that would usually include increasing bid prices or to improve the quality score of your ad in order to improve ad positions that would lead to better ad visibility. From there, better quality traffic and sales would be enhanced.



To plumb the internet and garner success to meet your business's online objectives, a business needs to deploy a comprehensive suite of approach. There's the ubiquitous SEO rankings to start with, then there is Social Media to nurse, content creation and marketing, Facebook Ads to post, Instagram accounts to update, Display Network ads to monitor and the demands are never ending. These platforms have their own unique metrics of performance to add to your headache. Business operators who adopt a DIY approach in the hope of saving money very quickly lose focus and regrettably end up losing a lot more in the form of miss-spent budget, time and opportunity cost. It requires discipline to opt for opening fewer online marketing fronts, have adequate budgets and then execute with focus. It is certainly worth getting professional SEO, Google Ad agencies like us to plan and run campaigns for you. In the long run, you save more and get much better results.

Quality Score is LOW


A Quality Score is a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers. A higher Quality Score means that your ad and landing page are more relevant and useful to someone searching for your keyword, compared to other advertisers. On a scale of 1 to 10, the bare minimum score you should be achieving is 6. Depending on the industry you are in and the corresponding competitiveness of bids for keywords, a good quality score can go along towards a successful PPC campaign. Professional Google Ads agencies like us provide the different strategies and know how to help you improve the quality score of your ads.

Spending too much without actual CONVERSIONS


Many PPC advertisers are preoccupied with the volume of traffic as a consequence of their PPC campaigns. Very often, the critical matter of conversion is overlooked. Because of this neglect or lack of understanding as we have lost count on how many advertisers neglect conversion tracking in their PPC campaign, resulting in close to zero revenue. This is a major issue that needs to be tackled, but most of the time further neglected with convenient excuses. Many even quits AdWords under the impression where Google AdWords don't work for their business. We guarantee that's not true. Bring it to us, we do our investigation works to address the unseen problems.



PPC is calculated based on real time bidding. Mastering the bidding strategy makes things much easier for you. However, the tricky part is, what works for you this week might not work for you the next week. Understand that the PPC paradigm changes all the time, according to trends, competitions etc. Our advise is to set a realistic budget for your campaign, and stay away from impulsive bidding. There will always be bigger firms with more bidding power.

New PPC Features


Google is always trying to innovate their assets, and like any other business entity, tries to monetize further their money making advertising model. As cliche as it sounds, some newly introduced features are definitely worth trying. As a matter of fact, early adopters can easily take advantage over the others, who are afraid to try new things.

Google Keyword Suggestions


Google's keyword suggestion selection tool is helpful. Still, it is only that, a tool. You should not blindly embrace all the keywords generally suggested by Google. As a business owner, you have the advantage of knowing your business target audience and attendant demographics thoroughly. These suggestion tools run on an automated algorithm, based on search volumes and bids. While they are extremely helpful, some data simply could not be interpreted for real world consumption. Treat the tool as an assistant but the ultimate decision on keywords and the rest , rightly so, with you the operator of the business.

The above pointers should be viewed as a tutorial. They are merely highlighted pointers to draw your attention to. For a detailed discussion and understanding of this subject, get in touch with us at