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Artificial Intelligence has, in recent years, become more and more pervasive in industries and our way of life. Businesses are automating their operations with AI and with improved efficiencies, manual workers are unfortunately getting the short shrift. In the field of SEO, there are companies that are trying to implement AI added tools to automate SEO processes. So the question that begs addressing is will these AI tools displace SEO consultants and SEO practitioners.

We think not and let us make our case.

We agree that AI aided SEO tools can help in formulating content strategies, SEO process automation and reporting.

AI and contents

Even though AI can be used to help optimise contents, content phrases, add schema elements, chose better titles and descriptions etc to rank higher, the all important human touch and expertise are required to decide on the suggestions given by these tools and the subsequent follow through work. For example, contents suggestions still have to be followed through and crafted by humans.

AI and SEO Automation

SEO automation tools via AI help to streamline SEO processes like splits testing and fill in title descriptions, keyword selection, keyword volume research and specific AB testing. Before the introduction of AI, these processes are undertaken manually and while tedious, it does not compare unfavourably to AI driven processes. AI implantation is an expensive endeavour and SEO companies would pass the cost of such implantation along to their clients. The mainstream client, like a typical SME business owner would not be able to cough up such exorbitant fees. And he is not getting better results over what his SEO consultant is already achieving for him. Google tweaks its algorithm with more implementation of AI in its search algorithm updates. Thus to keep up, SEO AI tools developers are in a tangle with Google to update their own tweaks. Cost goes up and the client ends up paying more. This AI tool means better efficiency and work flow for the SEO company but it does not translate to lower fees. In fact it is the opposite. Another argument made for AI aided SEO tools is that it can help generate easier to understand Google analytics. The flip side of this argument is, no matter how easy or simplified the analytics are, the reviews and evaluations done by a SEO consultant is still the most effective way to go.


The art of SEO requires a lot of interaction between the client and the SEO consultant. A SEO consultant needs to communicate with the client to know his business better, his market, his target audience, his objectives, his longer term brand goals, what are the trends that impact his client’s business, his competitors and their online strategies amend a myriad other factors that only humans can resolve. Yes, AI provides better efficiency to help the SEO consultant be more process driven but, at this time of writing, not nearly enough to replace the human touch and expertise yet.

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