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No. Read on to find out why.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists and SEO practitioners the world over have one common goal and that is to optimize web pages to rank better on the various search engines results pages

On the other hand, Google is constantly tweaking and improving on it’s machine learning algorithm so that its search engine can get a more intuitive understanding of the various languages used in various form of online contents. Needless to say this is enough to turn the entire SEO industry on its head and drive SEO managers off the edge with anxiety.


Undoubtedly search engine optimization is still very relevant in today’s context, but how it drives forward is fraught with uncertainties. There is the idea that if machine learning gets advanced enough than SEO in its present form would no longer be required. Be rest assured though. No matter how advance machine learning gets, it is highly unlikely that it will end up consigning the good old fashioned SEO practices to the bins of history. Not anytime soon anyway. A comparison can be made using the development of websites as a case study.

Even though content management system (CMS) technology has evolved to such an advanced level to the point that literally anyone with a computer can develop their own website, web design companies are still thriving. Web design professionals are still needed to solve coding issues, to tackle and solve technical matters that the DIY layman is not trained to do. There are limits to which a templates or modular system can achieve and there are system nuances that would still call for the skills of a trained professional. Where SEO is concerned, It is not uncommon for webmasters or business operators to attempt their own SEO to varying degrees of success. In most cases though, SEO success is moderate and and not getting anywhere meaningful results seemed to be the case. Also, it is important to consider the time and effort that had to be attributed to this SEO endeavor. Business owners would be better served to engage the services of a SEO professional who role is to devote all his time and expertise to securing search engine rankings for you.

Google will continue to make strides in the field of machine learning, the nuances of SEO addressed by SEO professionals are still very valid indeed.

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