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Case study

You run a business in Malaysia. You have a business website. You feel it somehow does not stand out, in a positive way, compared to your competitors’ websites. And it is not garnering the type of exposure that you had hoped for. Let’s troubleshoot.

To begin with, designing an aesthetically pleasing website is a challenge unto itself, never mind developing one that has SEO attributes that would aid in the search engine ranking stakes later.

You would be well advised to hire the services of a reliable web dealing company in Malaysia to design, develop not only a nice looking website but one that is SEO friendly and also which is compatible with Google’s search algorithm. Once done, the visibility and positive reception of your website would be greatly enhanced.

But how do you choose the best or right web design company in Malaysia?

For starters, there are many web design companies in Malaysia for you to choose from. Each has its own unique value proposition to add to your confusion. So how to you zero in on the right web design company to engage? 

Here care some tips:

Do Research

It is worthwhile to put in the effort to research a handful of web design companies to arrive at a shortlist of at least three or four outfits that you feel are reliable and have competence not only in design areas but also in digital marketing, SEO and other pertinent areas of online communications. Check through their client reviews. Go to social networking sites to know more of these companies in your shortlist. Verify their client testimonials.

Check the Portfolio Section

Check out their body of work. Peruse their portfolio to get a quick sense of their work and design style. You would be able to discern their consistency, quality and meticulousness of their work. Are the websites in their portfolio updated to current one?

Go Through their Work

Most, if not all web design companies, have a “house” or “signature” style of design. Do you nave an affinity for their design language? Are their overall design DNA appropriate for your type of business and industry? Interestingly, the web design company’s own website would reveal a lot about themselves in terms of design style and overall quality of work

Verify with their Clients

It is not uncommon for web design companies to have a section in their website dedicated to client testimonials. Verify these testimonials. Ask the web design company about their customers. Reach out and talk to some of these customers.

Know Your Budget

It would be unproductive to solicit blanket quotes from a web design company, unless of course you are only going to settle for the lowest quote no matter what. It would be more meaningful if you furnish a web design company with a thorough brief and for them to subsequently furnish you with a quote with all their attendant input. From their quote and scope of work, you would then be in a better position to make an informed decision.
Finding a web design company in Malaysia is not hard. To find and settle on one that would prove to be reliable, competent, conscientious, meticulous, have great follow up attitude etc, that’s the challenge. Thus, it would repay you in spades, if you took the trouble to research, talk to and verify a few web design companies in Malaysia first before making that commitment.