You are currently viewing Pay Per Click – Everything You Need to know

PPC is an acronym for pay per click. Read on to learn more about pay per click advertising.

SEO (search engine optimization) remains one of the best ways to get better search engine ranking. Due to may factors, such as high competition for page one rankings etc, SEO campaigns do take some time to yield results like better rankings on search engines.

This is where PPC services come in and have a role to play. 

  • Pay per click management is the best option for businesses or websites that want instantaneous results. In normal circumstances, a PPC campaign can start generating traffic, leads or sales within an hour too.
  • In a Pay per click advertising module, the advertiser only pays, when someone clicks on his/her ad. The most common PPC platform is Google ads.

Google Ads

Google ads are the most common PPC platform. They are very simple to set up and small businesses, even with limited budgets, can get on it to reach more customers online. Google ads give results that are based on your goals.

How do Google ads work?

Google ads are very simple to set up. 

  • You begin by first establishing your goals for your intended PPC campaign and the budget you have at hand.
  • Next, you have to select the appropriate keywords that represent your business, so that it will appear in the right google searches which are based on your business and goals.
  • Then you just have to add the location or range of geographical coverage where you want to promote your business, then create an ad and select a budget according to that and you are done.

This PPC campaign of yours would reach the right people who are searching for your keywords or are interested in products and services related to your type of business.

What are the benefits of pay per click advertising? Let’s discuss some of them.


Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Get immediate results 
    Unlike SEO which requires a certain period of time to achieve organic rankings, PPC, on the other hand, helps you to reach your target or goals very quickly. This helps small businesses gain exposure and traffic on an equal footing with their larger competitors.
  • Target organic audience 
    An organic audience refers to an audience that is genuinely interested in your business or product and thus has initiated a search for it. Pay per click advertising helps you by showing your ad to your target audience of people already interested in your type of product our service.
  • Budget flexibility 
    In Google ads, you can control the cost of advertising as per your budget. You have the flexability to choose how much you want to spend per month, per day and per ad. You don’t have to worry about the cost as you will only pay, when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Increase brand recognition 
    Brand recognition is critical to the long term viability of a business. By adopting pay per click advertising, you would derive a steady stream of traffic who would over time be acquainted with your brand. That’s brand exposure.

To recap, Pay per click advertising is a very effective mode of online advertising which helps in reaching your target audience quickly. If you are starting a business or you have a small business and you want to grow digitally, then pay per click advertising is the best option for you to seriously consider.