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Most businesses in Malaysia have a website where they build their brand, showcase their products or services or even sell directly to the customer. These businesses are usually aware of the fact that they have to apply search engine optimization (SEO) on their website in order to gain search rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and others. With the growing emergence of social media, businesses in Malaysia are fast latching on to social media marketing (SMM) to help generate awareness, exposure, brand communication and stimulate interest in their products and services. In fact, social media marketing has become an intrinsic part of a Malaysian business operator’s online marketing activities.

Here are some of the benefits of adopting a social media marketing strategy:


Get More Leads

Getting quality sales leads is a major preoccupation of any business marketing objective. Quality sales leads naturally means better conversion opportunities. The volume or extent of leads are predicated on online traffic. SMM is easily identified as a cost effective way of garnering more sales leads to your website. Properly implemented social media posts can stimulate the interest of your target audience thus increasing the volume of traffic to your website.


Customer support and feedback

Social business channels are ideal venues for businesses to communicate, provide customer support, get customer feedback and generally to interact with their audiences. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are essentially free services that have attracted countless users whose demographic you can draw from to promote your goods and services. Businesses can learn a lot about their target audience on social media platforms by understanding what’s trending, likes and dislikes, reviews, identify influencers and opinions emanating from target groups.



Social media platforms have become ubiquitous for brand building. Your brand story can be effective conveyed to your audience via hassle free updates of information, news snippets, promotions, new product launches, contests, collaborations etc. It is much easier to do all these via social social media postings compared to similar uploads on a conventional website. Social media participation by Malaysians (by as much as three hours a day) rank in the top five of social media users globally. That is fertile ground for brand building and communications.


Market research and other reasons

Social media can also be used very effectively for doing market research, to find out about competitors selling similar products/services. While competitors will usually not provide much information about their customers, many customers will post their feedback on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Customers who are not happy about a product/service are more likely to complain compared to happy customers, so commenting on both negative and positive feedback, can help generate leads, drive traffic to the business website, and build long term relationships.