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A smart phone has become an indispensable part of our lives. We carry it with us wherever we go. Statistics have shown that we spend almost four hours a day on social media interaction and mostly on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This is the addictive power of social media.

The big question is can business owners afford to neglect this aspect of their marketing initiatives?

Social Media is very potent tool to interact and communicate with your customers on the Internet. Success in building your brand hinges on how you navigate and exploit the various aspects of social media. The reach of social media gives the term “borderless world” a literal meaning. Through effective initiatives carried out in the social media space, your company and brand can very quickly gain needed prominence. Aside from positive brand building, there are also transactional benefits such as sales leads to be had when your engage actively through social media.

Social media is also very effective in communicating with your customers better, deepens relationships and sustain their loyalty to the extent that they become your brand and product ambassadors.

The fact that your customers take the effort to subscribe to your page and follow your feeds means they would like to remain engaged with your activities. It is therefore incumbent on you to nurse this relationship to the hilt. Active social listening is critical in ensuring that you respond to feedbacks, complaints, address queries and constantly keeping all the lines of communication with your customers open and positive. Active social listening is especially important in spotting trends and changing shopping habits in order to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Get Shared, Go Viral, Be Heard

The Ripple Effect or sharing effect is the pulse that keeps social media percolating around the clock. A company major objective is for its social media campaign to go “viral” in the best possible way. This is the magic of the sharing effect. All organic all good. But the social media space is a tremendously crowded one buzzing with activities non stop. Thus your campaign has to stand out from the crowd, be attention grabbing, exciting, unique with chock full of quality contents, well put together videos, good images in order to be picked up not only by your customers but also by bloggers and opinion leaders in you industry segment.

When a social media campaign is well perceived and executed properly, many of the following benefits can be accrued to you:

Social Media can be a double edged sword. Done right and it rewards you with many benefits but if poorly orchestrated, you would end up a lot worse than when you started.It is not a medium to be taken lightly or carelessly by novices. It is best to engage a professional agency like Simple Internet Communications to help you navigate this space to your advantage.

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