Simple Internet Communications provides the full gamut of Search Marketing services of which Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (Google Adwords) are key components.

The Internet is a very crowded space with trillion bits of information searched for across all time zones. The fact that you have landed on our website just goes to prove that we were “there” when you searched for services related to our business. And don’t you need to be there when your prospective customers come searching for your type of products and services? Bet your answer is yes, but getting started is another story altogether. The information available about SEM is overflowing with confusion to say the least. The SEO guys will knock the PPC guys and vice versa. Now even the online directory companies are getting in on the act by proffering abridged offers of some directory and some PPC and something else or other. What is a company with a limited budget (as most of us are) to do?

From way back, Simple Internet Communications has taken a different tack. We know there is confusion in information or lack of, wild ranging pricing fees, assorted marketing gimmicks to overwhelm you.

With each prospective client, we go to lengths to explain and educate you on:

  1. What is SEO covering the search engines’ ranking methodologies, their algorithmic demands and how it impacts the ranking of your website; a frank assessment of your website and what needs to change/added for better SEO; keywords recommendations; explanation of content and the critical role it plays not only for SEO but for your audience too; what is SEO copywriting etc. And yes, we present lots of case studies to back up our points.
  2. What is PPC detailing how a PPC campaign should be planned, why too many keywords is actually disadvantageous to you (but advantageous to the PPC company), click fraud and click wastage; why you should not even think of PPC if your budget is too little and conversely why are you spending that much to get little returns. And we have lots of case studies to back up our points.

Our favoured recommendation to our prospective clients is to help them adopt a balanced online strategy utilizing both SEO and PPC within a doable budget. We feel SEO should be the foundation of your search marketing and PPC to be used tactically and periodically.

Our prospective clients will find that we spend a lot of time discussing your website. And that should be the way to go. If your website is infused with contents and elements that speaks to, let’s say Google’s algorithmic demands, then your propensity to rank higher increases. Besides, your audience gets the benefit of a much more informative and interesting website once we put our work in. A visitor to your website would then stay longer and the chances of buying would then be corresponding. lt be higher. That’s conversion! A click through alone does not merely guarantee a purchase from you. You are not alone in selling your product or service. You have competitors. You have to keep your visitors in your website for as long as possible and not let them take a cursory look around and scoot off to the next website. Your competitor’s website.

There are no shortcuts or clever stratagems to outfox the search engines. Our approach to SEO is all about hard work, developing and inputting good contents into your website, understanding search engine algorithms and responding to them, all orchestrated together by years of proven experience.

Where PPC is concerned, we have seen too many cases of clients not educated on its mechanics to the extent that not many can tell us how many keywords are exactly in play, understanding click wastage (which also means budget wastage), broad search keyword search versus specific keyword search and the list goes on. What’s even scarier is that most clients don’t even have the faintest idea of how much management fees they are charged for the pleasure. Scarier still, some think their PPC companies are running their campaigns from the goodness of their hearts which means no fees.

Our approach is simple and straight forward. With SEO, we explain to you why you are currently not ranked in the search engines. We then discuss with you what we would be doing to alleviate your ranking situation. With PPC, we will audit your existing campaign. We will tell you if it is adequate or even too excessive, how we can optimise your click budget in tandem with our recommended keywords.

Our fees are transparent meaning all clients, large or small pay the same fees and get equal service treatments. Perhaps lots of extras for free if you are nice.

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