KEYWORD Extensions

Not all of us use the same words to describe the same thing.

A keyword extension is best explained as a variant or permutation of a primary keyword. For example, a “leather furniture manufacturer” could also possibly be searched as “leather furniture supplier” or a “car” could be searched as an “automobile” and so on and forth.The extent to which keyword extensions and permutations appear as ranked keywords on the search engines is largely dependent on the size and relevance of your contents.At SIMPLE, we conduct thorough keyword research to ferret out the different variations that must meet our criterion and that is, the keyword variation must have a respectable volume of search. Think of keyword extensions as additional hooks to catch more fishes.


Content Is King!

Think of contents as muscles

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Too often we come across websites that have lots of pictures but have very little information. Isn’t it like stepping into a store without a sales assistant to provide information about their products? Without information, where’s the motivation or confidence to buy? In the world we live in now, forget about prospective customers emailing you for more information. It’s easier to go to the next website. Your competitor’s. On the other hand, if you furnish consistent, ongoing valuable (think educational) information to potential buyers, chances are you are going get conversions.

“People don’t read contents”. That is a myth and like all myths, it is NOT TRUE!

  • People don’t get to read because the information they are looking for is not there in the first place.
  • People don’t read because your information is not useful, interesting, educational or badly written.


AT SIMPLE, Content is King

One of our biggest strengths is in content identification and development. We make it a point to understand your business and your target audience. We study your competitors, warts and all. Then we imagine ourselves as potential buyers of your products/services. What kind of information would we likely be interested in? Or why not educate us on the differences between your products versus your competitors? The content possibilities are endless. Think of it another way. You do research and read up before you make a decision to buy? If so, why would your customers be any different?

When you website is content rich, it gets recommended among friends. Your website have effectively become a “reference website” to many. Won’t that be great for branding and sales?

seo copywriting

SEO Copywriting

We have a team of SEO copywriters, with different broad affinities (some are great at say technical stuff while others relish lifestyle writing) who are also skilled at writing with a SEO bend. The contents developed by us talk to your audience as well as to Google.

Your audiences read and buy,
Google reads and ranks.

Serach engines will display (give a rank to) websites with the most RELEVANT CONTENTS. Their algorithms are defined to plow through websites for relevant contents to match to search queries. Our SEO techniques and practices are centered on quality content marketing. Trust us, the search engines will be demanding to see more and more quality contents before they accord you a high rank on their engines.


So, what are your options?

Running your business takes up all your time and energy already. Then again, can you write? Or can you do SEO writing? And don’t beat yourself up if you can’t because that’s not your line of work. That’s our specialty. Best of all, SEO copywriting is already part of our “all in one SEO” fee. That means, there are no “surprises” or “extras” along the way.

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