SEO and Responsive Websites

I suppose we made it quite clear that mobile search is an inevitable part of internet marketing and SEO efforts. That being stated, if companies don’t adapt to the trend quickly then competitors will. Google has already predicted that mobile searches and conversion rates will overtake desktops by year 2015. Imagine the amount of gadgets and tech wearables you can search from, smartwatches, tablets, smartglasses, your smartphones, home automated devices etc. Smartphone and tablets are gaining market shares rapidly. They are tools for us to communicate, gather information, make purchases, taking and sharing photos etc. At some point in time desktop searches will become obsolete. We strongly believe responsive web design is the way to go as we foresee the future of SEO lies within.

Here are several mobile search statistics compiled, and why business owners should pay more attention.

More important statistics

  • Across all industries, the average increase in mobile traffic is 3.5% per month.
  • According to Google, 1/6 smartphone owners use mobile to assist in shopping at least once a week.
  • 81% of smartphone users prefer to browse on mobile websites for its convenience and speed.
  • Mobile searches have 30% lesser click through rates comparing it to desktop searches.
  • 17% of mobile searches if followed by a successful purchase.
  • Mobile searchers are generally more goal oriented (51% more likely to make a purchase).
  • 46% of mobile searchers admit they will flee to alternative websites if the mobile website is not mobile optimized.

Need we say more to convince you to get us to build a killer responsive web design (RWD) website to take advantage of the above stats?

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