The relationship between Web Design and SEO

We know we have been harping on this subject in various places of our website. But I think this topic begs reiteration here.

  • Why have a website (without SEO) that would not be seen by your potential customers?
  • Why have a website (with SEO) that is seen by potential customers but does not arouse buying emotions?
  • Most clients concur with this reasoning. But if budgets do not concur with reasoning then what is a client to do?


Let’s discuss:

Simply put, the reality of the situation is one of “either you pay for it now or pay the price later”. Let us elaborate.

We have acquired many clients who come to us for SEO after their web designer had assured them their package included SEO work. Seemed like a good deal. It wasn’t and that’s why they come calling. But think of the sales opportunities lost while your website was languishing in the back pages of Google.

With no disrespect meant, how many web designers can write? We have proven that content publishing is a critical component of SEO work and if your designer can’t develop contents and write, how are they going to do SEO for you? Moreover, the basics of SEO are just that, basics. SEO has become a very specialized field only those like us who can take the stress can do it. Google has gotten into the habit of frequently chopping and changing their algorithm in search of their holy grail. And each time a change takes place, your website is affected and thus tweaks have to be made to your website to recover your standing. These tweaks inevitably required more contents to be inserted which then affects your website layout. With SIMPLE, you get this constant handholding. We take responsibility.

At SIMPLE, we take an empirical view. We do not think of a website design job as different from SEO work. In fact, we are pretty reluctant to take on pure web design work not because we despise money but rather we know in our hearts that a website without SEO won’t go far in attracting visibility and traffic never mind sales conversion.

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