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What is Social Media Marketing?

Everybody in this era holds a smart phone where ever they go. We spend almost 4 hours per day on social media interaction. Call it the virtual world call it time wasting, the fact is we are interconnected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams, Google Plus more than anytime in the past. This is social media. The big question is can business owners afford to neglect this department. Short answer NO, long answer refer below.

Social media is definitely a must if a business hopes to excel on the internet. Social Media is such a powerful tool to interact and communicate with your customers on the internet. We create awareness of your company on social platforms. Think about it, the online awareness could extend your company to the worldwide community. Social Media is the way to go to get your company into attention. Social media could generate leads from all over the world, and the effectiveness increase when there are promotions and rewards happening from your marketing campaign.

Retaining an existing customer is always easier than obtaining a new one. Social Media does not just connect your company to your new potential customers. It should always be used to maintain relationship with your existing customers. Take advantage on the fact that they are subscribed to your page, or feeds. Create follow up impressions and gather feedbacks on the established relationship and network – “Active Social Listening”. Always take in feedbacks to improve. Simple responses “Okay we will look into the issue ASAP” or “We are sorry that we messed up, we take full responsibility over the matter” will take online brand management to a whole new level. It allows the network to have faith in your company and products. Active Listening should also be beneficial for companies in understanding the trend, so that companies can act ahead before the mass adopts.

Get Shared, Go Viral, Be Heard

social mediaThe Ripple Effect, in layman’s term the “sharing effect”. There is a reason why bloggers are so highly paid for reviews and write ups. Whenever a company releases a social media campaign, the ultimate goal is to make it go viral. We as social media users love to share great things out. In order to get something go viral online, your material has to be good. And we know our way around in making good viral. A good social media campaign can translate to the following possibilities:

  • Individuals and companies blogging, sharing and tweeting on your campaign/ product or company.
  • Attract more likes, shares and comments on your official social media pages and feeds.
  • Contents being published by big names like Digg,, Reddit, Forbes etc.
  • Contents ultimately achieve the Ripple Effect and linked back to your official website, so that it has a positive effect on Search Engine Optimization (more traffic leads to better SEO).

Of course we are pretty sure many business owners out there understands more or less how social media works and the importance behind it. The question is more of, how does a business engage social media. Luckily enough we have all the resources in Simple Internet Communications.