Responsive Web Designs (RWD)

I think it’s important to devote a section to discuss Responsive Web Design (RWD).

The rage now, and Malaysia is just about waking up to it, is for Responsive Web Design (RWD).

A RWD website automatically sets your webpage to fit your browser from desktops to tablets to smart phones. It is actually recommended by Google, to allow optimal experience for every user at every possible size. It is a trend that should not be ignored.

If your website (and most are) is not “responsive”, your web pages would not fit all the varying screen sizes. Hence the pinching and stretching actions we have to make on the screen to view the contents properly. Hardly pleasant.

A “responsive” web page is developed on a grid platform. It resizes images by percentages thus affording proportionality according to screen sizes. Responsive websites make for a much better viewing experience all around. The usage of smart phone and tablets are very prevalent these days, your customers would welcome the better user experience.

Another added advantage with a RWD website is that you need only to make changes to your webpage once and it’s automatically resized to fit all screen sizes.


Important statistics to consider

“A recent study by Google, “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users” reports 77% of Smartphone users visit search engine websites followed by social networks. And nine out of ten Smartphone searches results in an action (purchasing, visiting a business, etc.). Mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions, with YouTube seeing 200 million mobile playbacks a day, according to Eric Schmidt.”

Smartphone usage is very prevalent without signs of waning. Internet users have learnt to take things for granted, like lightning quick page load up time, stable connectivity, high definition picture quality. Websites just have to meet these expectations. As it stands now, a Responsive Web Design website is the answer.

SIMPLE is one of a few in the market adept at developing RWD websites. We are also able to do RWD conversion of your existing website.