Web Design

Your website promotes your business 24/7. Shouldn’t it impress?

At SIMPLE, our philosophy is to build a website for you that is good looking, have a good presentation of photos and copy text and have a brand personality that emotes confidence in your visitors.

But many designers can design a pretty ok website. So what makes us different?
With SIMPLE, we design SEO friendly websites incorporating pertinent on-page SEO elements.

Many designers can’t do copy writing.
With SIMPLE, we advise and help you develop good and interesting copy.

Most designers will not educate you on the type of coding platform they use. They would use a system that they are familiar or accustomed to. You end up being dependent on them for future maintenance of your website.
With SIMPLE, we audit your needs and resources and then only recommend a backbone that is most suitable for you.

Most designers charge for every little update you need to make.
With SIMPLE, we do not.

A good website must have:

good website