Why is Social Media Marketing Beneficial to Your Business?

A well thought out and smartly implemented social media marketing strategy can yield tremendous benefits for your business. It helps to cultivate your brand - improves your customer service - gathering input - listening to feed back - communicate more effectively with customers and prospects on an informal level - engages your audience - reach new audiences - build brand authority - foster lasting and loyal relationships with customers and drive traffic to your website.


1. Set firm goals

What are you hoping to achieve with your social presence? Better customer service, engaging customers, generating leads, expanding your audience, driving sales, increasing web traffic, gaining valuable insights and feedback, and much more?

2. Have a clear strategy - Know your audience

Know what topics and subjects your audience is interested in. Then create contents to engage your audience in platforms where they are most likely to be on. audience category

3. Choose the right network

Most experts suggest joining four of the most popular such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram. Choosing the right ones comes down where your audience are and your objectives.

How to improve Social Media engagement with your audience?

Social media is not just about posting your content and walk away. It's about engagement and connection to forster long lasting relationships with your customers. Below is a helpful list of pointers to help you engage better with your audiences:

  • commenting-iconCommenting on posts
  • conversation-iconStarting and participating in conversations
  • share-infoSharing relevant information
  • share-comtent-iconSharing user-generated content
  • qa-iconPosing and answering questions
  • complain-iconAddressing complaints and criticisms
  • appreciate-iconShowing appreciation for customers

Social media statistics for Malaysia

  • 28.00 million social media users in Malaysia in January 2021.
  • About 86 percent of the Malaysian population are active social media users.
  • Facebook is the most widely used social media platform for Malaysians.
  • Most Malaysians felt that social media contributed to the state of their happiness and thought that it was difficult for them to quit using social media.
  • Malaysians spent an average of 9.17 hours daily on the internet of which 3.01 hours were on social media.
  • Malaysia ranks fifth in the world for active social network penetration after UAE, South Korea, Taiwan and the Netherlands respectively.
Active social network penetration in selected countries as of January 2021

There are plenty of ways that your small business can benefit from social media marketing.
Here are six benefits of social media that you can take advantage of:

Reduces Your Media Costs

Providing engaging content on social media can help you to reach and expand your followers. Social media is free and if you choose to use social advertising - the cost is much less than traditional mediums.

Increase Leads With Organic Traffic

When you claim your social media pages, it positively affects your rank in search engine results. This helps your potential customers to find you.

Serve Your Customers Better

Customers frequently reach out to small businesses through social media. When you are engaged and responsive, you can provide better customer service to your customers.

Establish Your Brand’s Message And Voice

You can share your brand's message and voice through your posts on social media. Perhaps you want to share a positive customer testimonial or maybe employee recognition. Regardless, regularly posting to social media can help you to increase brand awareness.

Interact With Other Businesses

You are probably aware that you can connect to consumers through social media, but did you know that you can also connect with other businesses? There are many opportunities to collaborate with other businesses and potential partners on social media.

Build Your Online Reputation

Reputation management is an important in business - especially online. Proactively interacting with your customers on social media increases engagement and your ability to receive positive feedback. The best part is that when you receive positive feedback via social platforms, it is visible for everyone to see!

With a bit of planning and regular management, social media has many benefits including saving money, increasing leads, customer service, brand awareness, business-to-business marketing and managing your online reputation. If you are not using social media, contact us to learn how you can better use it to enhance your brand performance.